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The sad truth of the matter is that Girls have obstacles that Boys don’t have.

Boys use their hands to pull wrenches, turn screwdrivers, and swing hammers….and all of the strength they’ve developed makes playing guitar a little easier.
Your hands are smaller and softer. Callouses on your fingertips are going to be new to you.
Also, you probably have long fingernails; most guitar teachers will tell you to forget about that regular trip to the nail salon.

But wait….Don’t clip those nails just yet.

The entire industry focuses on the guys wants, simply because over 90% of guitar players are guys. That makes it easier for guys to find a guitar to fit them. The guitar teaching methods currently in use, the gear available, the physical differences….ALL of this means that Girls are at a slight disadvantage in this area.

If you could find a guitar built to YOUR specs (they ARE out there!) and a method that helps you learn how to use your smaller stature as an advantage, you could put the boys to shame! was put together specifically for you….To help you navigate some of the issues that are preventing you from playing guitar….and level the field a bit.

There are a few things you need to know….and we will get to them all in time. For now, let’s address the simple stuff.

1. Guitar fret boards come in a variety of sizes. (The fret board is the part of the neck where your fingers press down on the strings) They can be very narrow on some guitars, but that usually means the strings are closer together. This can sometimes make it difficult to press one string and not another. A wider fret board would have the strings spaced farther apart. This can make it easier to manipulate just one string, but it means a bigger fret board to get across. There’s a trade off in there somewhere.

2. You can also have the guitar’s action lowered ; which puts the strings closer to the fret board. This means you won’t have to push the strings down so far…..making it easier and less painful to play.

3.You can have lighter gauge strings put on your guitar. This makes them easier to press down, too. IT WILL affect the volume and tone of your guitar, but it may be worth it to make this slight change while you are learning.

4. You can also modify the tuning of the guitar to make it possible to play a chord with only one finger! 99% of guitar teachers completely ignore this method.

5. There are a few guitar manufacturers that cater to those of smaller stature. (You need someone who can tell you which ones designed their guitars for girls and which ones have just repainted their little kid guitars.)

Professional musicians make these little alterations to their guitars…..

Why don’t guitar teachers teach these things? Wouldn’t these tricks be of more use to a NEW PLAYER?

Give me a chance to show you my teaching method. It is designed with you in mind! It will make learning a little less frustrating and a lot more fun!

“ ……. All that is missing is U!”


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